Gamned! tests knowledge about digital advertising

To test the knowledge of clients, prospects and other advertisers on the topic of digital advertising and its ecosystem, the agency Gamned! has launched the "Culture G! Quiz" was launched.

As a specialist in programmatic digital advertising, the Gamned agency is actively committed to spreading its expertise. To this end, the company offers regular educational content in addition to certified training in this area.

After various Programmatic Barometerslaunched in Switzerland in recent years, each of which has demonstrated the state of knowledge in the industry, Gamned now invites you to attend its "Culture G! Quiz" participate. The results should also reflect the maturity of the market in the area of digital advertising.

Programmatic advertising is a much talked about topic, but one that continues to create a lot of uncertainty and questions for many players in the adtech and digital world. Gamned wants to test the knowledge of its clients, prospects and partners, as well as other advertisers, agencies, publishers and general advertising professionals, whether novice or experienced.

Participation in the "Culture G! Quiz" is open from September 1 to October 1. It consists of 20 questions on all the major topics that have moved the market in recent months: Format developments, GDPR, cookies, retail media, responsible advertising, and so on.

The five participants with the highest score will receive a gift voucher worth CHF 300. Above all, however, the agency would like to gather - beyond this competition - a global inventory of the current understanding on the topic of Programmatic. The results will be presented after their evaluation, probably in mid-October.

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