Interdiscount poster makes people shake their heads

Interdiscount wants to attract new customers with a poster campaign. However, a sexist slogan causes a stir. Interdiscount apologizes and wants to remove the advertisement.

(Source: Fabio Greiner / Linkedin)

A new poster campaign from Interdiscount is causing misunderstanding due to a sexist slogan. The claim "We offer more service than your ex" is not well received by many. On LinkedIn, for example, Fabio Greiner, Security Awareness Specialist at Switch, speaks out and explains why the advertising is problematic.

The post receives a lot of approval. Within one day, over 430 people responded to Fabio Greiner's text and almost 100 comments were posted. Most of the commenters agree with Fabio Greiner. There are also a few comments in which users back Interdiscount and want to keep "LinkedIn woke free". Interdiscount's official account also responded to the post. In the reply, Interdiscount wrote that it did not want to offend anyone with this advertisement. Interdiscount apologized and stated that it would forward the post to the relevant department.

On request, Interdiscount media spokeswoman Salome Balmer writes that the entire advertising campaign with seven different subjects is intended to draw attention to Interdiscount's stores, service, advice and omnichannel approach. "In a highly competitive market with many changes, we are going on the offensive and drawing attention to ourselves," the media spokesperson continues. The headline "We offer more service than your ex" is intended to target competing companies that are closing sales outlets or withdrawing from the market. "We did not intend to discriminate against anyone with this statement and apologize. The subject will be removed everywhere." (Sara Meier/jor)

This article first appeared in Netzwoche.

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