Mass-Voll promotes "Stop compulsory vaccination" initiative on Tiktok

"My body, my decision": supporters of the "Stop compulsory vaccination" initiative launched their Yes campaign on Friday with a Tiktok video. Tamara Funiciello from the SP made an unintentional appearance in it.

The video was produced by the civil rights movement Mass-Voll, as announced in a communiqué. In it, young women from the movement plead for free decisions about their own bodies and campaign for approval of the popular initiative "For freedom and physical integrity". This will be put to the vote on June 9.


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"Your body belongs only to you"

"Your body belongs to you alone," says the first young speaker from Mass-Voll. "No one has the right to decide over you. Physical integrity is a human right." This self-evident fact is unfortunately not yet a reality in Switzerland, she continues.

"Fewer and fewer people are living self-determined lives," adds the second speaker. "It can't go on like this." - "Together, we can now improve the lives of a great many people," the third speaker said, promoting the initiative. Mass-Voll wrote that the campaign would be launched via video instead of an "old-fashioned press conference".

"Obviously instrumentalized"

Bernese SP National Councillor Tamara Funiciello makes an unwanted appearance in the video with the statement "It's our body, and it's our decision". She made the statement at the 2023 feminist strike on the right to abortion, Funiciello told the Keystone-SDA news agency.

"Obviously I'm being instrumentalized here." The individual freedom to have an abortion is different from the individual freedom not to be vaccinated, said Funiciello. Because that would jeopardize collective safety. She is now considering her next steps.

Submitted during the pandemic

The initiative launched by the Freedom Movement Switzerland (FBS) and submitted during the Covid-19 pandemic at the end of 2021 calls for the fundamental right to be able to decide for oneself. Anyone who does not want to be vaccinated should therefore not have to accept any professional or social disadvantages or risk punishment.

According to the committee, however, the demand does not only apply to the pandemic, but also "to vaccines, to chips, to digital information in the body, whatever it looks like", as Richard Koller, President of the FBS, said in a video for the Keystone-SDA news agency during the submission.

During Covid-19, the 2G rule applied for a time. At that time, only those who could provide proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 with a certificate were admitted to public venues and events. This would no longer be permitted with the required constitutional amendment, the initiators write online.

This is because the 2G rule links the decision not to be vaccinated with social disadvantages. Companies are also no longer allowed to hire only vaccinated people.

"Getting a bad feeling"

The initiative committee includes Lucerne SVP National Councillor and doctor Yvette Estermann, who stepped down at the end of 2023. In the National Council debate on the recommendation to vote on the petition for a referendum, she said that many medical colleagues had not wanted to vaccinate during the pandemic and had felt this "badly".

The SVP would have liked to include self-determination in the National Council in relation to vaccinations or "any other biomedical procedure" with a counter-proposal. However, their proposals for a direct or indirect counter-proposal were unsuccessful. A counter-proposal was not discussed in the Council of States.

The initiative was launched by the FBS, based in Ostermundigen BE. In addition to FBS President Richard Koller, the committee includes comedian Marco Rima and vaccination critic Daniel Trappitsch. (SDA/swi)

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