Clou designs digital presence for BelArosa Chalet

Luxury rethought and staged. Lucerne-based agency Clou has created an Art Deco-style website for the newly emerging BelArosa Chalet.

BelArosa Chalet

In the middle of Arosa, a new type of hotel is being built by winter 2024/25 - more precisely, ten chalets united under one roof. The BelArosa Chalet combines the homey chalet feeling with exceptional infrastructure and needs-oriented service. Down-to-earthness, freedom, space and time are part of the very personal luxury.

Already today, the hotel is to be staged and will be accessible via a Website arouse desire. Apart from a 22-meter-deep excavation pit, however, nothing is currently visible. How do you still manage to arouse emotions and not just communicate facts, figures and the status quo?

Inspired by traditional Arosa tourism posters, which were already able to lure high-altitude air and winter sports enthusiasts to the idyllic mountain village more than 50 years ago, the agency opted for an emotional introduction with illustrations in modern Art Deco style. By scrolling, the user dives into the world of the chalet and is guided through various rooms with gentle animations. The illustrations are meant to convey desirable moods, as they will be experienced in the BelArosa Chalet in the future.

An important role in the positioning of the hotel was played by the development of the Purpose: "We rethink luxury". Away from golden taps to the staging of nature and the four elements that run through the unique hotel. Away from "Is there anything else we can do for you?" to "We only disturb on request". On the other pages follow philosophy, highlights, insights into the individual chalets, as well as a blog where the construction progress can be observed and stories are told around the spectacular construction. There is also the possibility of pre-booking.

The launch of the website, created with, will be followed in the first phase by a local poster campaign aimed at summer visitors to Arosa, accompanied by postcards, beach towels and other giveaways featuring the illustrations.

Client: Urs Kasper (Kasper & Son). Responsible at Clou advertising agency: Albi Christen (Strategy & Creative Direction), Marcel Huwiler (Art Direction), Fabian Gubelmann (Web Design & Development). External partners: Mads Berg (illustration), Jessica Heller (text).

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