Rivella Group tells company story on new website

After seven months of preparatory work, the new website of beverage manufacturer Rivella is now live. With a modern look at tradition and innovation, the website acts as a showcase for the history, culture and future of the family business.

The Website of the Rivella Group has been given a fresh, modern look and is intended to reflect the values and visions that have characterized the company since it was founded over 70 years ago.

Inspired by the past and geared towards the future, the aim is to offer visitors an immersive experience that harmonizes tradition and innovation.

A journey through history

In the history section of the website, visitors can immerse themselves in Rivella's past, experience old TV commercials and discover the evolution of the brands. "The history of Rivella is also the history of an entire generation. Our TV commercials are real gems that show our development and connection to people over the years," explains Monika Christener, Head of Corporate Communications at Rivella.

Unique and colorful employer

With the aim of countering the changes on the labor market and the associated shortage of labor and skilled workers, the "Career and employer brand" area was greatly expanded.

With the slogan "Exactly your taste", the company wants to show in an inspiring and refreshing way what makes it a unique employer. "As an employer, we want to inspire and raise awareness among the talent relevant to us so that they consider us when choosing an employer. We want to convey our values, culture and enthusiasm to the outside world with a strong employer image: authentic and also a little self-deprecating," explains Markus Krienbühl, Head of People & Culture at Rivella.

Commitment to the environment and society

A central focus of the new website is also the topic of sustainability, where the family business presents its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and its social and societal commitments. "As a company, we have a responsibility towards our environment and society. Our sustainability measures are an important part of our DNA and demonstrate our commitment to a better future," Christener continues.

Focus on modernity and user-friendliness

The new website has not only been modernized in terms of content, but also technically. Aaron Meder from the agency Soda Studios, which is responsible for development and implementation, particularly emphasizes the modern features and the consistent focus on mobile devices: "We have optimized the usability and accessibility of the website to offer our visitors a seamless and inspiring experience, no matter what device they access it from."

Rivella's internal teams from Corporate Communications, People&Culture and Marketing as well as external partners from the agencies Soda and Frontify were involved in the implementation of the website.

Responsible at Rivella Group: Susanne Widmer, Monika Christener (Corporate Communications), Markus Krienbühl, Jennifer Bühler, Ayana Bachmann (People&Culture), Kevin Bieri (Marketing). Images: Markus Bühler (photographer). Responsible for Soda Studios: Aaron Meder, Severin Höin. Responsible at FrontifyDarko Maravic.

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