Comet for VKG: Setting a precedent with Element Hero

The Association of Cantonal Building Insurers (VKG) has launched a learning program on fire and fire prevention and weather and natural hazards for Swiss schools. "Element Hero" was developed together with various experts, fire departments, the Bern University of Teacher Education and the Komet agency.

With "Element Hero", the VKG aims to impart basic knowledge to lower and middle school pupils in a fun way, raise their awareness of the dangers of the four elements and show them how they can protect themselves against them. At the heart of the new learning offer are two age-appropriate workbooks that meet both Curriculum 21 and didactic requirements: While "Feuer, ungeheuer?" ("Fire, tremendous?") teaches the very young about the dangers of fire and the work of the fire department, the workbook "Natur, gewaltig?" ("Nature, tremendous?") educates the slightly older ones about weather phenomena.

What the workbooks and accompanying booklets for teachers, hidden object pictures, themed videos and experiment kits have in common is Komet's graphic style on the one hand and the illustration style of Bern-based Berlin artist Jacqueline Urban on the other. She is also responsible for the two curious "Element Heroes" Kira and Flint, who accompany the pupils on their journey of discovery, ask questions or explain connections. Komet in turn created the naming and logo as well as the entire branding for the project - including the website - developed.

All "Element Hero" teaching materials can be ordered free of charge by teachers and fire departments since the beginning of April.

Responsible at VKG: Daniel Röösli. Responsible at Komet: Jeff Gerber (CD), Claudio Parente (AD), Cyril Sollberger. (graphic/web design), Daniel Müller (text), Corinne Hert (Client Service Director). Illustrations: Jacqueline Urban.

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