Kneipp suffers defeat in EU court in trademark dispute

The German cosmetics manufacturer Kneipp has suffered a defeat in its trademark dispute with a French perfume manufacturer before the General Court of the EU. The judges dismissed a lawsuit filed by Kneipp over the "Joyful by Nature" brand on Wednesday in Luxembourg.

In 2019, the traditional company based in Würzburg wanted to register the trademark "Joyful by Nature" for cosmetics, scented candles and marketing at the European Intellectual Property Office EUIPO. French perfume manufacturer Maison Jean Patou filed an opposition on the grounds of its own trademark "Joy". The EUIPO partially ruled in its favor.

Kneipp defended itself against this before the EU General Court - unsuccessfully, as has now been established. The judges ruled that the "Joy" trademark enjoyed a high reputation in a significant part of the EU, particularly in France. The brand had built up a high reputation in the past.

Even if the level of awareness has decreased over the years, a certain "residual awareness" has survived. The two brands were so similar that they could be associated with each other in the mind. There was therefore a risk that Kneipp could take unfair advantage of the reputation of the "Joy" brand, according to the judges.

The ruling can still be appealed before the EU's highest court, the European Court of Justice (ECJ). (SDA)

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