Branders creates digital brand experience for Globalwine

Zurich-based agency Branders has redesigned the website of premium wine retailer Globalwine, creating a contemporary customer journey and shopping experience in online wine retail.

Globalwine's brand refresh pursued the goal of strengthening the brand's positioning in the dynamic competitive environment, which is increasingly dominated by online retail. The recently launched website is particularly important in this context, as it not only serves as an important sales channel, but also conveys exciting stories about premium wines and their makers and makes them come alive. Various storytelling elements are intended to inspire customers time and again and thus create specific purchase incentives.

Based on different market trends, the potential of different buyer types as well as their motivation and information behavior when buying wine was analyzed and mapped in customer journeys. For example, information on sustainability in viticulture or recommendations for organic and vegan wines have emerged, as they are attracting growing interest among target groups and have become relevant purchasing criteria.

The online buying experience was enriched with various storytelling elements - these range from stories about winemakers, wineries and regions to wine knowledge and recommendations by oenologist Alain Bramaz. Delivered in a variety of formats, video is playing an increasingly important role, bringing to life topics such as winemaking consulting, tastings, and food pairings, as well as stories about winemakers and wineries, which can be found both on the new website and on a dedicated YouTube Channel find

Responsible for GlobalwineGeri Theiler (CEO), Alain Bramaz (Head Oenologist & Viticulture Consultant), Stefan Lieberherr(Graphics & Design), Brigitte Auf der Maur (Digital Marketing). Responsible for Branders: René Allemann (Creative Director & CEO), Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience), Philippe Knupp (Strategy Director), Anita Hsieh (Brand Designer), Thomas Hausheer (Creative Brand Technologist), Martin Fähndrich (Video Journalist).

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