CIS and Küttel Laubacher create new brand worlds for Arosa and Lenzerheide

The two holiday regions of Arosa and Lenzerheide and the ski resort of Arosa Lenzerheide will be wearing new clothes from winter 2021/22. Creative Intelligence Society and Küttel Laubacher are responsible for the measures.

The two holiday regions of Arosa and Lenzerheide, as well as the Arosa Lenzerheide ski area, have been using the joint Arosa Lenzerheide brand since the ski area connection in 2014. As part of a new brand strategy, three new brand worlds are being created for Arosa, Lenzerheide and the Arosa Lenzerheide ski area. The aim of the new brand architecture is differentiation and clear positioning, yet with a common thread that reflects the connection between Arosa and Lenzerheide.

After more than seven years of using the dual brand Arosa Lenzerheide, the joint brand presence was analysed and further developed. This was done taking into account the brand profiles and positioning of the two destinations. Arosa and Lenzerheide have different guest structures, offers and marketing priorities.

For example, the Arosa Bärenland is unique in Switzerland. This is a further summer lighthouse in addition to the popular all-inclusive offer, where a comprehensive range of activities can be used free of charge from one overnight stay. Lenzerheide, on the other hand, has made a name for itself by hosting various World Cup events and has focused strategically on mountain biking. Among other things, the Bike Kingdom was launched. However, the common denominator remains the ski resort of Arosa Lenzerheide.

By creating three new brand worlds, one for Arosa, one for Lenzerheide and one for the Arosa Lenzerheide ski area, the three different players should now be able to position themselves more clearly and distinguish themselves from each other. Nevertheless, the brand worlds are coordinated with each other. "In saturated markets, it is all the more important to be able to position oneself clearly and thus differentiate oneself. Anyone who deviates positively and strikingly from the usual manages to be noticed and remembered by guests," Marc Schlüssel, project manager for the new brand strategy of the Lenzerheide holiday region, is convinced. The new brands are intended to create trust and increase recognition.

Creative Intelligence Society was involved in the strategy and design of the two brand worlds of the Arosa Lenzerheide ski resort and the Lenzerheide holiday region, and Küttel Laubacher in the implementation of the style guide for the Arosa brand world.

Lenzerheide and Graubünden remain brand partners

The holiday region of Lenzerheide remains a brand partner of the Graubünden brand as before. The further developed design of the Graubünden brand offers Lenzerheide new scope for development and at the same time ensures that it belongs to the regional brand. The new appearance was therefore developed in close coordination with the Graubünden brand. The introduction of the three-brand strategy for the winter of 2021/22, taking into account the already existing joint summer brand Bike Kingdom, is supported by all managing directors of the four companies involved - Arosa Tourism, Arosa Bergbahnen, Lenzerheide Bergbahnen and Lenzerheide Marketing and Support.

"It is important to bring the different strengths and positioning of the two resorts more to the fore again. And to position the common product on the mountain, skiing or winter sports, in a more comprehensible way and to bring it to the guest," says Roland Schuler, Tourism Director of Arosa Tourism. "For guest orientation and to promote the individual strengths, we will again work with an independent appearance at destination level. In this way, we on the part of Arosa can concretely highlight our brand strength. We want to continue to stand for our friendliness, cordiality, quality and innovation. And at the same time maintain and further strengthen the classic and idyllic mountain village with an excellent holiday experience."

Arosa: versatile, sustainable, family-friendly

The family destination Arosa focuses on the four strategic cornerstones "events", "snow sports", "summer leisure oasis" and "service excellence". The upswing in summer tourism is to be expanded and further developed. With the Arosa Bärenland and the comprehensive offers for family, hiking and biking experiences, a foundation for this has been created in recent years. With the destination-wide sustainability strategy "Arosa 2030", the focus is to be placed increasingly on the topic of sustainability with the respective ecological, economic and social aspects. Continuous awareness-raising, cooperation, experience, knowledge and product development in connection with sustainability are now required.

Lenzerheide: sporty, dynamic, innovative

The Lenzerheide holiday region has been working in four strategic business areas for over ten years: Alpine snow sports, families, Nordic and biking. A separate marketing concept is drawn up, budgeted and implemented for each of the four business areas in each financial year. This also includes the requirement to hold regular events with a strong communication impact.

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