Two Young-of-Matt Units Sharpen Bellevue's Appearance

For the realignment of Bellevue, Jung von Matt Brand Identity developed the brand positioning, brand architecture, claim and brand design for the listed company. Jung von Matt Tech brought the brand identities to life in the new website.

Bellevue is a specialized asset management company and serves intermediary and institutional clients. Together, Jung von Matt Brand Identity and Jung von Matt Tech repositioned the company and completely rebuilt its website.

Specialization and reduction

First, Jung von Matt Brand Identity developed the positioning of the asset management company. The new claim "Excellence in Specialty Investments" is intended to get to the heart of Bellevue and convey the focus on performance, quality and innovative investment ideas. Building on the positioning, the brand architecture was reduced and restructured in order to provide clients with the greatest possible orientation in the product range and to benefit from image transfer effects.

Bellevue's design system is just as compact as the new brand portfolio: by means of colour variations and textual additions, the appearance can be declined in order to clearly distinguish different divisions and products.

The logo as a constant element is reminiscent of a sail in the wind, which is also used as a design element and is thus intended to additionally strengthen recognition. Together with the reportage images, it merges into key visuals and expresses Bellevue's range of services. The sober font chosen is intended to radiate seriousness and calm.

On the basis of the new brand identity, in addition to publications, stationery, infographics and factsheets, a new website implemented in collaboration with Jung von Matt Tech.

Networking and flexibility

The new digital experience of Bellevue was developed by Jung von Matt Tech collaboratively with the company and Jung von Matt Brand Identity in three sprints. The information architecture on the website was consistently aligned with the needs of the target group and the regulations in the financial sector were seamlessly integrated into the concept. The brand elements developed by Jung von Matt Brand Identity, such as the sail in the logo, can be found throughout the website.

The website is built on Neos CMS, which is used as a flexible and user-friendly application framework. The site is connected to a data warehouse API with asynchronous processing of different data.

Through extensive user segmentation, content is prepared according to the selected country and investment type. This means that website visitors receive the data they want with just a few clicks. The figures, documents and news articles can be found quickly and easily.

This architecture means that Bellevue's website can be expanded at will in the back end and is easy to use in the front end. And: By linking all pages of the Bellevue Group, data and modules can be shared without any problems.

Responsible at Bellevue: André Rüegg (CEO), Tanja Chicherio (Head of Marketing and Communications). Responsible at Jung von Matt Brand Identity: Diana Geissel, Nadja Völker-Albert (Strategy), Boris Stoll, Christina Widmann, Loraine Olalia (Corporate Design).Responsible at Jung von Matt Tech: Michael Hümbeli, Stefanie Pfeffer, Andrin Gorgi (Project Management), Samuel Hauser, Nattha Kamso, Adam Selwon, Adrian Siulik, Piotr Kamiński (Development), Amir Ferhatbegovic, Robert Deecke (User Experience), Manuela Tappe (Art Direction), Emmanuel Denier (Screendesign), Stefan Bruggmann (Managing Director), Michelle Danilschenko (Managing Director).

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