The PR Factory creates naming and branding for FreeME by GLKB

With FreeME, the Glarner Kantonalbank has launched a new online solution for the free movement of persons. The bank called in the agency The PR Factory to develop the naming, branding and all communication measures for the digital platform.

FreeME is aimed at people who are facing a change and would like to invest their freed-up vested benefits funds simply, cost-effectively and profitably, thereby making full use of the legal options. The online platform offers six different investment strategies from which clients can choose. FreeME is backed by the expertise of Glarner Kantonalbank and Liberty Foundation for Vested Pension Benefits. The PR Factory created the new brand's name and appearance.

Comprehensive communication measures

In addition to the name development and the actual branding, The PR Factory was also responsible for all communication measures. FreeME plans to launch an extension of its online offering with an advisor solution in late summer. It was therefore clear from the outset that the measures would be aimed at both end users and financial advisors. In addition to the website, sales documentation, mailings, various videos, social media productions and online measures are planned for the promotion.

Self-determined and full of joie de vivre

Self-determination was always at the heart of both the naming and the visual implementation. Anyone who has to "park" vested benefits money today wants to be able to invest it profitably. FreeME not only offers various options for this, but also the corresponding know-how and low costs.

The appearance of FreeME is fresh and radiates a lot of joie de vivre. It is deliberately aimed at people who are facing a change in life, such as a career break, a divorce or emigration abroad. Both linguistically and in terms of visualization, the positive aura is expressed. The striking illustrations and the square and compact shapes, which run like a thread through the entire branding, are particularly characteristic.

Responsible at Glarner Kantonalbank:Jacqueline Theiler, Head of Marketing.Responsible at The PR Factory:Andrea Miolo-Eberhard (overall direction), Patricia Isabel (graphic design and direction)).Video production and illustrations:Explideo.

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