TBS and Cybera: Together against Cybercrime

Cybera has a clear and important mission: to sustainably eliminate financially motivated cybercrime. TBS developed the brand identity for the tech platform.

TBS und CyberaCybercrime is relatively low-risk and relatively easy to implement - and thus attractive to a growing number of cybercriminals who cause immense financial damage. All the more surprising, then, that there is still no effective support or sustainable solution against this - legislators as well as private customers and financial service providers are mostly helpless in the face of the fraudsters. Cybera now wants to change that. To this end, Cybera has assembled an interdisciplinary team with experienced experts from the fields of cybersecurity, law enforcement and business.

Complex topic, pragmatic solution

The new brand identity had to get straight to the point of the vision and service offering of the start-up based in Zurich and New York. Especially for the pre-seed/seed phase and the associated funding pitches, a clear promise and an expressive brand identity are crucial.

"Always on"

The new claim and the binary on/off symbol capture the essence of the digitized world. Cybera has developed an effective platform that combines multiple technology products into one solution - with the sole aim of preventing financially motivated cybercrime. Data can be accessed in real time. In short: Always on.

The appearance of the new brand is minimalist, simple and at the same time self-confident. The colors black and lime dominate. The typography is modern, clean and bold. In direct contrast, illustrations illustrate the role of Cybera.

"TBS understood us directly and within a very short time managed to present the complex subject matter with a concise appearance and simple illustrations to the point. We appreciate their fresh ideas, the pragmatic implementations and their open manner", says Nicola Staub, CEO & Founder of Cybera.

From briefing to website in five weeks

With the deadline for the pitch, it was clear to TBS: It's time to sprint. In a direct exchange, the central content and the brand identity for Cybera Global were developed in a very short time.
Just two weeks after the briefing, the implementation of the web design, content development and programming began. In parallel, a pitch deck and corporate communications were realized. According to TBS, it was a complete success: Cybera got a lot of exposure in the media in a very short time and already convinced some investors and potential customers in the pitches.

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