Zimmermann and Compresso: Brack.ch delivers faster

For the new year, Brack.ch focuses on the speed of its own delivery service. Compresso and Zimmermann Communications implemented the campaign with ski racer Ramon Zenhäusern.

In 2019, Brack.ch shipped 2.1 million parcels, in 2020 it was 3.2 million and in 2021 it was even 3.7 million. To be able to handle such volumes at all, speed in the individual processes involved in processing an order is the decisive factor. At Brack.ch, a modern logistics center and ongoing investments in state-of-the-art technology would enable reliable, fast deliveries.

As part of the "Deliver" umbrella campaign, Compresso and Zimmermann Communications show in a new film what speed means for Brack.ch and its Brand Partner Ramon Zenhäusern means. For both of them, speed is the decisive factor in order to be among the best in their discipline. But at the same time, both protagonists of the film know that speed in life means much more than fast deliveries and rapid descents between the slalom poles.

In billboards, which run before and after each Brack.ch-sponsored show, the fast "delivers" promise is also implemented in a media-appropriate way, with Ramon ordering before the show and the order already being delivered virtually after the show.

The campaign is complemented by numerous poster subjects depicting familiar everyday situations in which people would be glad if the product they ordered were delivered as quickly as possible.

The spring campaign can be seen on TV and posters as well as in various digital and social media in German as well as French-speaking Switzerland.


Responsible at Brack.ch: Simon Thoma (Head of Marketing), Sandrine Knechtli (Head of Marketing Communications), Franziska Heimberg (Head of Marketing Communications). Responsible at Compresso:  Fridolin Stauffacher (overall responsibility), Michelle Müller (project management), Sean Dünki (art direction), Yannick Vogel (graphics). Responsible at zimmermann communications:  Rolf Zimmermann (Strategy/Art Buying), Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction), Ramon Alder (Art Direction), Florian Bieniek (Project Management). Film Production: Markenfilm Schweiz, Lukas Wälli (director and cinematographer). Photo Production: Detail AG, Christian Egger (Photography). Realisation Posters: Corina Buchelé, Flora Frick (Atelier Brack.ch).

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