Alexander Jaggy, Thjnk: "I believe in creative karma".

Thjnk won big at the ADC Awards. 11 dice. asked Alexander Jaggy, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Thjnk, what the secret of this success is. Thjnk is on a roll! How does it feel to be rewarded for it now?

Alexander Jaggy: The eleven cubes are a nice recognition for a great team effort over the last weeks, months and years. We are most pleased that we can combine our business successes with creative successes. That was our goal from the very beginning.

On June 1, Thjnk Zurich celebrated its six-year anniversary. Andrea Bison and you founded and built up the agency in Zurich. Was it a success story from day one?

Unbelievable that six years have already passed! Andrea and I literally started out as a couple in a disused carriage garage. In a romantic transfiguration, one could say in retrospect that it had to work out. But it wasn't all that natural. We really started from scratch, without any initial customers, but with a lot of motivation and also with the bit of luck that you need in such a phase. Many of our first customers are still with us today, such as Bio Suisse, Edelweiss and Ochsner Sport. We are very proud of these long-standing partnerships.

Where do you see the agency's most valuable USPs? What makes you different/better or simply unique?

It is and remains a people's business. Even in the age of AI and Programmatic. Because in the end, it still comes down to creativity, trust and commitment from people. I'm so grateful to be able to come to an agency every day that combines so much talent, fun and warmth. That is endlessly motivating.

How could you sum up Thjnk's claim?

"Creativity can answer any question" is our brand promise. And by that we don't just mean the core product of creation, but also creative strategy, creative problem solving, creative processes, creative product ideas. After all, I believe in creative karma - if you keep striving for the good, eventually good will appear.

This year, no Grand Prix was awarded at ADC. The jury decided to award gold six times because they didn't want to put one work above the others. You won gold with the podcast that only runs when you run with Ochsner Sport. How do you come up with this crazy great idea? Can you remember where that flash idea came from?

"Runtime" is the result when an agency listens carefully to the client. Marco Greco, Head of Marketing at Ochsner Sport, said we should do something on the subject of running. After all, they had Viktor Röthlin, a former European marathon champion, in their ranks. And then two external factors came into play: the emergence and consumption of podcasts in connection with sports. And Corona. Gyms had to close. People had to find other ways to be physically active. We thought that in such a situation, an app that coaches runners and rewards them with incentives could help.

What you touch turns into dice. How do you want to develop as an agency, where do you see potential so that the wave you're surfing doesn't break for a long time yet?

We've always said that our target size as an agency is between 25 and 30 employees. We are currently 31, which is a perfect size. Large enough to be relevant. Small enough for short distances, which is what makes us so quick-witted. We currently see potential in dealing with New Work. This topic is strongly on the rise. As part of New Work, last year we introduced 6 months of maternity leave and 1 month of paternity leave, as well as an extra week of vacation for everyone and mobile working. The residency requirement at the agency has been lifted. And then, of course, we are constantly working on our core product: creativity.

(From left to right) Pablo Schencke, Executive Creative Director , Lukas Frischknecht, Art Director; Andrea Bison, GF Consulting; Alexander Jaggy, GF Creation; Lukas Amgwerd, Copywriter.

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