Navada and Bonaparte launch collaboration

The female-led production company Navada from Zurich is launching a partnership with the Berlin-based production company Bonaparte. Together they aim to bring new talent and international flair to the Swiss advertising market.

Founded just under a year ago, Navada's mission is to empower women, other underrepresented groups and young talent in the advertising industry. Under the leadership of Managing Partner and Executive Producer Mariska van Lavieren and Managing Partner Laura Šerić, Navada is committed to breaking down barriers and telling stories in a way that is authentic, inspiring and transformative.

Bonaparte from Berlin shares the ethos of promoting diverse talent and pushing boundaries in different formats. This is why the two production companies have decided to start a collaboration.

In future, Navada will represent the directors and photographers of its new partner in Switzerland and connect them - in some cases exclusively - with local agencies and clients. Conversely, Navada will enter the international market step by step. In doing so, it will support Bonaparte with an international network and many years of experience in the international market and productions.

Young drive meets an international network

According to the press release, the two companies intend to retain their independent identities as part of this collaboration and will continue to operate independently in their respective home markets. Navada brings fresh energy, a deep understanding of Swiss culture and values, and creativity. Bonaparte, in turn, brings significant international production experience and resources. Together they form a fusion of diverse talents and perspectives.

The collaboration between Navada and Bonaparte goes beyond traditional film production. Equipped with local insights and an international outlook, they aim to produce engaging content for the whole world: From long-form narratives to impactful seconds on social media. The aim is to create transnational projects between Switzerland, Germany and the USA.

Mariska van Lavieren, Managing Partner of Navada, is looking forward to the collaboration: "This partnership enables us to tell stories that resonate not only locally but also globally."

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