Three former Farner employees found Flin

Flavio Dal Din, Flurina Klarer and Nicolas Glauser have founded the Flin agency. The agency wants to promote the digital marketing competence of companies.

Founded Flin together: Flavio Dal Din, Flurina Klarer and Nicolas Glauser (from left to right).

Friday marked the official launch of Flin. The new agency offers content and performance marketing from a single source to cover the entire digital customer journey. "Often the two disciplines are viewed and applied in isolation. This leads to only part of the Journey being covered. We want to change that," explains co-founder Nicolas Glauser, who was previously Head of Performance Marketing at Farner Consulting.

The three founders bring a full backpack with them. Nicolas Glauser has ten years of experience in performance marketing and e-commerce, Flurina Klarer is a performance marketing expert with many years of Google Ads and programmatic advertising experience, and Flavio Dal Din complements the team with his digital and content marketing expertise.

Build digital marketing expertise

The three founders look back on a common past in the digital marketing team of the Zurich agency Farner Consulting. "We realized that we have the same philosophy and attitude when it comes to digital marketing and working with clients," explains Flurina Klarer.

This attitude also includes passing on one's own know-how to the companies. "We observe that many companies do not yet have the necessary knowledge and struggle to build it up," adds Flavio Dal Din.

Remote working and four-day week

Flin also takes a different approach to working conditions than most agencies. In the beginning, for example, the agency deliberately chose not to have an office and instead relied on remote and co-working or working directly at the client's site.

In addition, the newly founded agency operates a four-day week. "We are convinced that we will work more productively and deliver better quality," says Flurina Klarer.

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