Agentur Feinheit: New app for the city of Baden

The baths of Baden are full of stories, which can now be experienced in an audio story with riddles as an interactive city tour. The Feinheit agency designed the new tourist offer with the city of Baden and the Baden Historical Museum and implemented it as a WebApp.

The city of Baden is positioning itself as a city of culture and spas. In keeping with this, it has recently joined forces with the Baden Historical Museum to invite visitors on an interactive tour of its baths: "Quellcode" is the name of the service, which has been implemented as a web app and is aimed at visitors to the baths, cultural tourists and history buffs, as well as the regional and local population. "Information about the historical heritage is packed into a fictional audio story," explains Patrick Nöthiger, project manager of the city of Baden. "Starting from today, it delves into the past in an entertaining, interactive and emotional way."

Connection of past and present

The Zurich agency Feinheit designed the new tourist offer. The big challenge in storytelling was the question of how to link the historical facts with the present in a way that was as gripping and coherent as possible. The solution, according to a press release, is "the story of Yara, who fell asleep on a lounger in the thermal baths in Baden and suddenly finds herself in Roman times with her smartphone." On their approximately one-hour tour of the city, users have the opportunity to guide the protagonist back to the present.

Riddles at six stations

The web app guides users through the history of Baden and its baths via six stations with cultural and historical highlights. For example, they can experience the cult of the gods around the source of the Heissen Stein, sit virtually in a medieval kettle bath, or relive the demolition of the Grand Hotel. Riddles are solved along the way, and at the end there is the chance to win admission tickets to a local wellness spa. The offer thus manages to combine cultural mediation and tourist attractions. Feinheit also developed and implemented the visual appearance to match.

Implemented as WebApp

Technically, the journey is realized as a website. Visitors can access it by means of a QR code at various touchpoints in the city of Baden or simply by clicking on the via a link visit and start the journey without having to install anything. According to the Feinheit agency, installable apps still offer more technical possibilities because they can access various additional functionalities of the smartphone. However, the costs for development and maintenance are many times higher, which is not always worthwhile or appropriate.

Responsible at the agency Feinheit: Simon Hugi (project management), Rahel Grunder & Isabelle Bamert (content & storytelling), Christian Perez (graphics), Diego Borellini (illustration) Kristina Roder (web project coordination), Matthias Kestenholz & Fabian Germann (programming), Moritz Friess (marketing). Responsible at the city of Baden: Patrick Nöthiger (Project Manager of the City of Baden), Sabine Dyer-Smith (Project Manager Location Marketing at the City of Baden), Katrin Reimann (Planning and Construction Department of the City of Baden), Carol Nater Cartier (Director Historical Museum Baden).

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