Interview on the ADC YCA - Karina Chodorowska: "It's about one of our biggest challenges".

This year, Swiss Post is providing the briefing for the young creatives applying for the Young Creatives Award 2022. asked Karina Chodorowska, Head of Marketing Advertising at Swiss Post, why young talent is so important for the company.

Karina Chodorowska, Head of Marketing Advertising at Swiss Post

This year marks the fifteenth ADC Young Creatives Award, Switzerland's most important competition for young creatives. The 2022 briefing is provided by Swiss Post, this year's main sponsor. The ADC Young Creatives Award is the competition for young creatives under 30; participants must have been born after June 24, 1991.

Detailed information on the content of the briefing will be available at the warm-up event on January 26, 2022 at 6:30 pm. The briefing will take place online, the access data will be announced after registration:

Participants then have until February 23, 2022 to submit their work. As always, there are four of the coveted ADC Young Creatives Awards to be won in the categories Film, Outdoor, Direct and Cyber. The winners of the Young Creatives Award can also become members of "Young ADC" and thus part of ADC Switzerland. The special thing about this is that the Young Professionals receive a "ticket" to join the jury at the next ADC judging and thus decide on the Shortlist and Bronze Awards on the first jury day.

"At the center is one of our biggest challenges in the advertising market"

Interview with Karina Chodorowska, Head of Marketing Advertising at Swiss Post This is the second time Swiss Post has been the main sponsor of the ADC Young Creative Awards. What motivates Swiss Post to get involved with young talent in the creative industry? 

Swiss Post has been a partner of the ADC Young Creatives Award for years. As a company, we are also very active in the advertising market and therefore always interested in creative communication. We therefore keep a close eye on what young talent is doing in Switzerland and are very pleased that this year we are not only sitting on the jury, but are also able to provide the advertising task.

I know you can't reveal anything about the briefing yet, but give us a little info on what this year's briefing to young creatives will be about. 

Of course, we won't reveal the details until Wednesday. But this much can be said: the task concerns Swiss Post's advertising services. At its heart is one of our biggest challenges in the advertising market.

What experiences have you - or rather the Post - had with this sponsorship and the work entered by the Young Creatives, and what lessons could be learned for this year? 

We experience this young talent competition as surprising, inspiring and refreshing. The Young Creatives convince again and again with innovative ideas. That's why we want to let the creativity flow without putting the participants in too rigid a corset.

How open is the Post to unconventional, somewhat crazy ideas from young people? 

That's exactly why we're taking part. We hope for unconventional and fresh ideas that will inspire us, but also take us out of our comfort zone.

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