Swiss Pledge: Advertising in children's environments reduced again

Eleven years ago, various companies adjusted their advertising behavior or reduced their advertising in the children's environment. According to a study by Media Focus, the reduction since 2012 has been over 55% for TV commercials, for example. In 2020, the Swiss Pledge companies again fulfilled their advertising promise with good results.

By more than 55 percent, the Swiss Pledge-companies have reduced TV advertising in the children's environment since 2012. This was the result of a corresponding study on advertising presence by Media Focus. The advertising promise, which was originally geared towards classic media - TV, print, websites - has been continuously expanded with the growing importance of social media and since 2019 also includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Good results in 2020

Media Focus has been monitoring compliance with the voluntary commitment since it began in 2010. TV commercials, advertising in children's magazines and on company brand websites are examined, as well as advertising on social media channels since 2019.

According to the market research company, the Swiss Pledge companies also achieved their target agreements with good results in 2020. The participating companies bundled 20 percent of the total gross tower pressure of the food and beverage industry in Switzerland in 2020.

TV spots: 99.2% correct

During one quarter, Media Focus analysed all TV spots placed by Swiss Pledge companies in 2020. During the period under review, 13,986 spots were checked, 99.2 percent of which complied with Swiss Pledge's specifications. 116 spots were not placed correctly. The universe included all public broadcasters, advertising windows and private stations.

TV advertising accounted for 62 percent of the Swiss Pledge companies' media mix in 2020. Measured against the total gross TV advertising spend of the food and beverage industry in Switzerland, this corresponds to 22 percent.

Children's magazines: 100% correct

All children's magazines met the Swiss Pledge requirements. A total of 32 children's magazines marketed in Switzerland were examined: Junior, Kläx, Maky, Rataplan, Spick and Hey Volg Magazine.

Brand websites: 96.3% correct

A total of 27 domains were checked. 96.3 percent met the Swiss Pledge criteria.

Social media: 93.1% correct

58 social media channels were examined, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. This is despite the fact that the age limit of 13 years (Twitter excluded) is outside of Swiss Pledge's age limit of children under 12 years. A good figure of 93.1% compliant social media appearances was achieved. However, the value in the previous year 2019 was higher at 98 % percent. ( reported).

Swiss Pledge is a voluntary commitment by various food and beverage producers and catering companies and is based on the European voluntary commitment EU Pledge. The initiative is open to further market participants who commit to complying with the minimum criteria. These include:

  • Restricted product advertising to children under 12 years of age. Only products that meet defined nutritional criteria3 may be advertised.
  • No product-specific communication to primary schools (children under 12). Unless specifically requested or approved by the school administration for educational purposes.

"Advertising to children under 12" means advertising to a target audience with a minimum of 35 percent of children under 12. The following companies are currently partners of Swiss Pledge: Coca-Cola, Danone, Intersnack, Kellogg, Mars, McDonaldʼs, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Rivella, Unilever and Zweifel Pomy-Chips. They have all specifically adapted their advertising behaviour towards children under 12 years of age or, in some cases, have dispensed entirely with product advertising in a children's environment.

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