One Marketing for Amnesty: Not to you, but now

"It's not happening to you, but now": The campaign against torture for Amnesty International aims to make the pain of anonymous victims tangible. It was created by One Marketing.

In countless countries, people are subjected to arbitrary torture - their governments provide them with inadequate protection or even order the inhumane practices. The human rights organization wants to draw greater attention to these abuses with its current awareness campaign. It calls on people to show solidarity with the victims and support Amnesty International in the fight against torture.

Bringing the difficult subject of torture closer without using shocking content and images. The One Marketing agency approached this task in an unconventional way. The result is a very unique visual language: A white world shows the fragility and vulnerability of human beings, their dignity and their rights. In this whiteness - enclosed, concealed, anonymous - a human being writhes in pain. The realizations manage without the genre-specific bright colors and faces. In the reduced, minimalist depictions, clear human features are nevertheless recognizable, horror and pain are given a face, become tangible and above all: palpable.


In the largest Swiss cities, artistic stagings can be seen in highly frequented places: In a large box covered with white spandex, a performance artist shows her interpretation of the suffering of torture victims. With a visual adaptation for posters, commercials, advertisements and digital advertising media, the appeal will be distributed nationally. Aroma implemented the performance box on behalf of One Marketing, from whom the idea, concept and artwork originated.


The color white stands not only for the innocence, purity and vulnerability of the human being, but also for concealment, cover-up and repression. The veiled subjects are intended to encourage people to expose abuses (the fundamental core task of Amnesty) and to give the anonymous victims of torture a real face. Personalities such as Viktor Giacobbo, Gelson Fernandes and Melanie Winiger support the campaign; in a second line of advertising material, they show their faces against torture.


The campaign's core message "It's not happening to you, but now" illustrates our seemingly self-evident situation in which we hardly have to fear torture, while elsewhere many people are subjected to arbitrary torture. In the context of the campaign ambassadors, the perspective changes and in the claim a letter is unceremoniously exchanged so that it then reads: "It's not happening to me, but now".



It may happen - but not here, not to you and not to me. The campaign claim deliberately borrows from the well-known 2006 poster campaign: "We found the idea of emotional dramatization exciting. We are building on the successful previous campaign and going one step further by now overcoming the emotional distance after the local one" says Ruth Wagner, Managing Director of One Marketing.


Responsible at Amnesty International, Swiss Section: Marcel Hagmann, Kevin Luximon, Patrick Walder. Responsible at One Marketing Services BSW: Ruth Wagner, Yong-Jong Lee, Balz Farner, Philipp Stamm.

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