Downturn in the graphic arts industry continues

The downward slide in the graphic arts industry continues. In the past, gross value added fell by 5.4 percent to 4.5 billion Swiss francs compared to the same period last year.

As in the two previous years, both domestic and foreign demand fell. This means that the real value added level of the graphic arts industry has fallen by more than 30 percent since the turn of the millennium, the Swiss Association for Visual Communication Viscom announced on Wednesday. Structural changes in the industry, weak demand from abroad and the strong Swiss franc have all taken their toll on the graphic arts industry.

"It is no secret that the industry is undergoing a powerful structural adjustment process," Viscom Director Thomas Gsponer told the media in Zurich. The competition of printed products from the Internet or mobile media is great, he said. "There is less printing in Switzerland." In addition, there is enormous pressure from abroad, where printing is much cheaper. Imports of printed products have risen massively, he said. (SDA)

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