Jim & Jim: Cinema spot for TCS

The Cooldown Club, the TCS breakdown service for young people, offers its members discounts on two-phase training. To promote this offer to the relevant target groups, Jim & Jim created a cinema spot.

The agency, which specializes in youth and student marketing, staged the advantages of the TCS Cooldown Club using the notorious monetary bottlenecks of young drivers: The spot shows a young man doing unconventional jobs and thus illustrates that you can also afford the two-phase training without doing boring and "stupid" jobs. The cinema spot can currently be seen in cinemas in various major Swiss cities.

Spot long:


Spot short:


Responsible at TCS: Kathrin Spatzier (responsible for Cooldown Club), Stefanie Thueler (project management/responsible for 2-phases). Responsible at Jim & Jim: Fabio Emch (overall management), Tobias Bonfanti (production management/concept). Responsible at Hillton: Tobias Bonfanti (director/editing), Kris Lüdi (director/editing), Pierre Castillo Bernad (camera), Jan Wittrowski (lighting), Jingle Jungle (sound design).

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