Goldbach Interactive is looking for ambassadors for Ovomaltine

On 1 January 2012, Ovomaltine is looking for ambassadors throughout Switzerland who want to commit themselves to Ovo for a year with good ideas and a lot of passion. Goldbach Interactive has realised the campaign for this.

Until 18 November, candidates can apply for and apply for one of the positions as an Ovo ambassador. First they have to answer three knowledge questions about Ovo and then prove their passion for Ovo with a personal contribution. The jury, including ski stars Didier Cuche and Patrick Küng, will put their heads together from 21 November and select the 2012 Ovo Ambassadors from the applicants. The winners will receive regular deliveries of their favorite Ovo products, will be allowed to participate in brainstorming sessions, and will be involved in marketing decisions. In addition, they can test products exclusively before market launch and are present live at events where Ovomaltine is a sponsor.

Goldbach Interactive developed the concept for the Ovo ambassador campaign together with Ovomaltine and was responsible for design, text and programming. The promotion is based on the social media management tool Wildfire.

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