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Zurich agency Fam. Müller relies on Teen Spirit for Escolette's campaign

Zurich agency Fam. Müller relies on Teen Spirit for Escolette's campaignEscolette is in the process of establishing itself as the trendiest tour operator for teenagers this year with five new offer fields. The brand, which is part of the Hotelplan Group, is supported by an uncompromising campaign that perfectly reflects the culture of teens and twens with its fresh, cheeky language and tone. Its creator is the young Zurich-based small agency called Fam. Müller. The fact that the self-deprecating name says it all and has rubbed off on Escolette's appearance is evident in the comprehensive communication package. The creative family of three, together with "adopted family members", produced everything themselves: from the concept to the outrageously freaky gorilla cinema spot, from the homepage to the magazine-like travel catalogues such as Der Strand and Die Stadt.Through the comic implementation, which is unusual in the industry, and the abstracted USP of Escolette, Fam. Müller succeeds in two things. On the one hand, the childlike comic book characters build a community that increases Escolette's credibility with their teen codes. On the other hand, Fam. Müller skilfully plays with their double identity: as an advertising agency and as a comic figure in the realisations. In these, the animated video game icons experience awesome holidays with black humour. page 11
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