"At the end of the day, every campaign is a heartfelt project."

Gaby Füchslin, CEO/Managing Director at Spinas Civil Voices, takes on our 13 questions.


1. the best Swiss campaign ever?

I don't know if it's the best Swiss campaign of all time, but Galaxus' spots strike a chord like none have in a long time.


2. what does not come to the office under any circumstances?

The biggest energy guzzlers in a company: Power games and intrigues.


3. when you have an idea, how do you know it is good?

You can never be one hundred percent sure. But when solid strategic considerations have preceded and creative minds have brooded over it, all you need is your gut. As soon as it reacts, it's an almost unmistakable sign that the idea on the wall is a good one.


4. why don't you conform to the usual clichés of an advertiser?

I would say that my interest in our customers' topics is deeper and more intense. It's different than if I were advertising for a smartphone or a car brand. Of course, there are also differences within our portfolio, but at the end of the day, every campaign is a project of the heart.


5. what goes through your mind when you see a campaign penned by you on the street or on television?

Some campaigns touch me as a human being at that moment. Then I know that we have done a really good job, and I donate.


6. the most important person in your professional career?

Lorenz Spinas for sure. That may sound a bit cliché, but it's true. When I started as a consulting group leader in his agency, I would probably have called anyone crazy who predicted that I would one day become the managing director and co-owner of Spinas Civil Voices. It has been an exciting and educational journey. I am very grateful for this trust.


7. what was the best thing you did in the last five years?

Saying yes to partnership. Since the beginning of the year, Lorenz Spinas, Susi Kammergruber, Steph Huwiler and I have been co-owners of the agency. The journey has brought us all a big step further and welded us together. Lorenz and Steph provide outstanding ideas and we two women manage operationally.


8 - Ever thought about leaving the advertising industry?

If I hadn't come across Spina's Civil Voices almost 15 years ago, I would have taken a different path back then. A sense of purpose in my professional life is very important to me. Now I'm lucky enough to be able to work every day on issues that are close to my own heart.


9. what role do awards play in the advertising industry?

Arguably still an important one. However, in our campaigns, the response from the public is the most important yardstick - the response and engagement we trigger. That's why we rarely submit work. So it was all the more surprising to win the SDV Lifetime Award this year, which of course made us incredibly happy. It's nice to know that colleagues from the professional world also think our work is great.


10 Why aren't there more women in the top echelons of the Swiss advertising industry?

I don't think that only applies to the advertising industry. Balancing family and career is still a big challenge for women. And they too seldom dare to pull out their elbows.


11. what do you still want to achieve at all costs?

In terms of content, we try to make the world a little better every day anyway. Formally, we're committed to taking digital fundraising to the next level, both strategically and operationally.


Do you have a role model?

Not a specific one. Often, the right person comes to mind at the right time, and I ask myself: How would they do it? The spectrum ranges from my grandmother to Speedy Gonzales.


13. the best book you have read lately?

The Service Public Revolution by Cédric Wermuth and Beat Ringger. A remarkable book with meaningful food for thought on how the necessary change in the world can still be possible.

Gaby Füchslin has been managing director and partner at Spinas Civil Voices for a year. Right advertising floor
under her feet, she entered the 1990s at Fisch.Meier.Direkt, then the largest Swiss dialog marketing agency, which was later integrated into Publicis. After numerous years and advancement from producer to member of the management board, she decided to make a career change. Without a plan, but with a great sense of adventure in her luggage, she traveled the world for a year and landed at Spina's Civil Voices shortly after her return. Since then, she has experienced her day-to-day work as inspiring teamwork with motivated people who want to make the world a better place.

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