"In advertising you stay young, I say that from my own experience".

Urs Schneider, founder and owner of Mediaschneider, answers our "13 questions".


1. what inspired you to enter the communications industry?

I actually wanted to become an accountant. So I looked for a job through an advertisement. The ad never appeared. Publicitas hired me straight away and that was my start in advertising. I've never regretted it, the communications industry is fascinating.


2. how has advertising changed since you started?

The media have changed the most impressively. The first TV commercial was broadcast on February 1, 1965. 18 years later, the first local radio stations went on air. Without the courage of Roger Schawinski, the SRG monopoly would have lasted for a long time. Google was founded in 1998, followed by Facebook in 2004. The digital revolution has changed media usage and created new advertising opportunities. But the most important thing has not changed: creativity remains the key to success. Creative ideas and their implementation in the media provide the decisive competitive advantage.


3. what distinguishes the advertising and communications industry from other industries?

You can experience the success of your own ideas. There are new challenges on the table every day. Advertising moves with the times and is constantly reinventing itself. It keeps you young, I can say that from my own experience. Hardly any other industry has this spirit.


4. does the advertising industry receive enough appreciation for its work?

No! The communications industry creates over 22,000 jobs, generates 6.6 billion net sales - and deserves more recognition. The reputation of "advertisers" in the public eye is not overwhelming. Perhaps this is because people find advertising stupid, boring and annoying. This is too sweeping a judgment when you consider that today's media offering would not be as diverse without advertising. It is up to us to improve this image through ingenious, entertaining campaigns.


5. what is the biggest challenge for advertising at the moment?

Advertising must arouse interest, even among the younger generations. Fortunately, there are always campaigns that deserve attention and acceptance. But in my opinion, the industry still has a lot of room for improvement in terms of creativity.


6 What do you think of advertising bans in general?

They are problematic in various respects. On the one hand, they hinder competition and, on the other, they patronize consumers. As long as products are legally available on the market, they should be allowed to be advertised. I make an exception for children, where self-restrictions work very well in practice.


7 Why aren't there more women in management positions in the Swiss advertising industry?

From experience, I really enjoy working with women because they often have a different and often better perspective. It would be desirable if there were more women in management positions in the advertising industry.


8. Does the classic agency model have a long-term future?

Yes and no! If you can't keep up with digital developments, you'll have difficulties. Agencies must not only use the latest technical possibilities, but also develop and implement integrated strategies. Advertising clients are primarily looking for investment security and customized solutions for their individual marketing. The optimization of online and offline campaigns based on real-time data is becoming more important. Data and analytics expertise will be even more crucial for targeting, budget allocation and forecasting in the future.


9 What do you think of owned media?

Today, it is an absolutely important channel for many companies. I think you also have to look at the overall significance in terms of "converged media". A strategy that includes paid, earned and owned media is more effective and provides the necessary reach to address new customer groups.


10. what does your private TV consumption behavior look like?

I don't watch TV every day. So my TV consumption is well below average. My favorite shows are news, discussion and documentary programs as well as "Tatort" on Sunday evenings or other crime dramas and selected films. Otherwise I prefer to read newspapers or listen to the radio.


11. a buzz word that gets on your nerves?

"Agile!" The Agile Marketing Manifesto (2012 San Francisco) is already eight years old and is still looking for followers. I think successful marketing has always been customer-oriented and flexibility is and remains an indispensable success factor. However, countless experiments in advertising hardly contribute to brand value, but rather create confusion. Agile is nothing more than old wine in new bottles.


12. what was the best decision of your life?

Professionally speaking, it was the founding of Mediaschneider AG almost twenty years ago.


13. what do you regret?

That I didn't start my own business much earlier.

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