Pink makes waves for Therme Zurzach

With the repositioning of the thermal spa as Therme Zurzach, a visible step towards the future was also to be taken. For the comprehensive redesign, the Therme commissioned the brand specialists from Rosarot.

The repositioning, including the name change to "Therme Zurzach," is intended to meet modern customer needs after almost 70 years. This is also to be manifested in the digital presence.

Rosarot created a new, modern branding and design concept for it. After a logo study, a new trademark was designed. Likewise, an own image and color world was determined. According to the newly conceived wireframe, the design of the responsive Website. A wave was taken from the logo as the central design element. This is visible as a line throughout the corporate design. The newly defined design in the brand style guide was also adapted for CRM mailings and newsletters as well as for the signaling. Rosarot also prepared all templates for offline media such as flyers and postcards.

"The repositioning of the Therme is based on a new strategy that includes an integrated brand personality as well as a leading digital customer journey," explains Tim Zahlten, digital marketing manager on behalf of Therme Zurzach. "The Rosarot team's work has combined both brilliantly, setting a whole new benchmark for the industry."

Responsible at Thermalbad Zurzach Betriebs AG: Tim Zahlten (Digital Marketing Manager), Tanja Monllor (Marketing + Communication Specialist). Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer (Creative Direction), Labinot Gashi (Director Digital), Isabelle Niemann (Project Management Digital Marketing), Sarah Därendinger (Art Direction), Stefanie Steimer (Graphic Design), Flavia Hänni (DTP).

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