Jung von Matt Brand Identity: Budget for the Bachelor

In order to increase the attractiveness of the student financing loan offer of the University of Zurich, Jung von Matt Brand Identity developed a concise name and a new appearance.


Pecunia is the new name of the loan offer of the Student Financing Office of the University of Zurich UZH. The office advises students on all financial matters from scholarships to budgeting. In order to communicate the offer with more conciseness and publicity, Jung von Matt Brand Identity developed an adequate name and a fresh appearance.


pecunia non olet

The appearance of Pecunia should stand up to providers from the private sector and be clearly recognisable as a UZH service. The Latin name signals the academic context of the offer and is derived from the Latin proverb "Pecunia non olet", i.e. "Money doesn't stink". Pecunia helps students to lose their shyness about financial issues and to actively deal with financial matters.


Objectivity paired with coolness

The singular use of the primary color blue, the serif font of the UZH brand and the color emphasis of the word part "Uni" emphasize the affiliation of the loan offer to the University of Zurich. The core of the appearance is a key visual consisting of a word mark and a changing icon. The two elements are complemented by concise messages and a graphic grid of lines.

The result is a low-maintenance appearance, which is intended to express academic objectivity and student coolness at the same time through its reduction. In addition to the brand design, Jung von Matt Brand Identity has realized the website of Pecunia as well as templates for social media posts.


Responsible at University of Zurich: Brigitte Ortega (Head of Student Financing), Valérie Graf (Deputy Head of Student Financing). Responsible at Jung von Matt Brand Identity: Julius Jäger (strategy), Roman Imhof (concept), Loraine Olalia (design and programming).

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