Immersive branding for Café Royal: a lifestyle becomes an experience pop-up

Together, Café Royal's management and marketing team, the branding boutique Branders, the brand experience agency Campbell & Jones and the design agency Studio Schoch have transformed Café Royal's new attitude to life, "Be Royal", into an immersive branding experience.


The result was an involving concept that included activation of the entire city, the event and storytelling on all channels.

Today, real experiences with a brand that leave lasting memories count more than ever. What better way to convey a lifestyle than to make it an experience itself? That's why Café Royal's management and marketing team, branding boutique Branders, brand experience agency Campbell & Jones, and design agency Studio Schoch created a unique immersive branding concept in which "Be Royal," the brand's new attitude toward life, becomes a lived reality. In the middle of Zurich, a unique place was created to let off steam in a protected setting, to test one's limits and prove one's courage. A place to be royal - in your very own way. Five challenges awaited the audience in five different rooms: boxing matches in the "Fight Club", random tattoos in the "Tattoo-o-mat", virtual reality thrills in the "Phobia Room", performances in the "Performance Room" or the power of destruction in the "Demolition Room".


Live performances and game posters throughout the city had generated curiosity about the experiential pop-up in advance. The FivePounds was marketed with the call-to-action hashtag #Ihaveguts and presented the Café Royal brand in paid media, in the location itself and in social media posts as an ambassador of courageous moments, thus ensuring the desired image transfer.


In the four weeks that FivePounds was open, it generated a high level of engagement on social media - far beyond its ownFivePounds Instagram account. Many posted their own experiences, becoming ambassadors of the FivePounds "spirit" and its multipliers. Their personal experiences and "royal" moments with Café Royal will shape their image of the brand from now on.


Responsible at Café Royal: Roman Sonders (Global Head of Marketing & Communication), Janna Opelt (Marketing Communication Manager), Magdalena Blonkiewicz (Marketing Communication Manager), Nadine Behling (Head of Content Creation). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (CEO), Thom Pfister (Creative Director), Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience), Thea Ferretti (Director Communications), Luisa Ender (Junior Brand Consultant), Caroline Spoerry (Junior Brand Consultant), Martin Fähndrich (Video Journalist), Katja Wölfel (Senior Copywriter). Responsible at Campbell & Jones: Marc Steimer (Co-Founder), Oscar Martin (Co-Founder). Responsible at Studio Schoch: Dominik Schoch (Head of Studio Schoch/Owner), Tina Fuchs (Head of Innovation/Consulting Director), Laura Haas (Design).

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