Brand Congress: Award for Martin Walthert, CMO Digitec Galaxus

Zwei Awards wurden am diesjährigen Markenkongress verliehen: Der Thought Leader Award 2022 ging an Digitec-Galaxus-CMO Martin Walthert. Markus Meierer, Universität Genf sowie Jeffrey Näf und Patrick Bachmann, beide ETH Zürich, erhielten den diesjährigen Rigour & Relevance Research Award.

From left to right: Markus Meierer (award winner), Prof. Dr. Johanna Gollnhofer (University of St. Gallen, juror), Martin Walthert (award winner), Jeffrey Näf (award winner), Reto Hofstetter (Uni Luzern, juror). Patrick Bachmann, third prize winner of the Rigour & Relevance Research Award, is missing in the picture.

Martin Walthert, CMO of Digitec Galaxus for 16 years, was presented with the Thought Leader Award at the Swiss Brand Congress. This award is presented by the Swiss Academy of Marketing Science, an association of marketing chairs at Swiss universities, to a personality who has made a lasting and consistent contribution to marketing through new and innovative approaches. Martin Walthert thus follows award winners such as Jean Claude Biver, Casper Copetti (On Shoes), Daniela Steiner (Felfel) and Urs Riedener.

The award is decided by the marketing professors of the Swiss Academy of Marketing Science from the universities of St.Gallen, Basel, Bern, Fribourg, Lausanne, Lucerne, Zurich, ETH Zurich and IMD Lausanne. The jury is represented by Prof. Dr. Reto Hofstetter of the University of Lucerne and Prof. Dr. Johanna Gollnhofer of the University of St.Gallen.

Anna Kohler, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Werbewoche m&k, congratulates Martin Walthert.

Martin Walthert to Werbewoche m&K Editor-in-Chief Anna Kohler: "Of course I'm proud of the honor. But it's always the team that earns it." Already in 2020 was Martin Walthert named Advertiser of the Year have been chosen.

"Rigour & Relevance Research Award" for Markus Meierer, Jeffrey Näf and Patrick Bachmann

Markus Meierer, University of Geneva and Jeffrey Näf, ETH Zurich together with Patrick Bachmann (ETH Zurich) receive the Rigour & Relevance Research Award for their work.

"The Role of Time-Varying Contectual Factors in Latent Attrition Models for Customer Base Analysis." The award is given for research work that is highly recognized in the scientific community and makes a significant contribution to solving current and relevant problems in marketing practice. The award is decided by a ten-member jury of personalities from marketing practice.

The Swiss Brand Congress is an industry gathering for brand decision-makers, service providers and media representatives. Yesterday, June 13, 2022, the industry met at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich under the motto "Reinventing Brands: Challenge, Technologize, Collaborate".

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