Sabrina Balestra is CMO of the Year 2022

Planted's Head of Brand and Marketing, Sabrina Balestra, was named CMO of the Year 2022 on Thursday evening. She has convinced with her successes, her personality and her innovative ideas around Planted's vegan products.

Sabrina BalestraWith meat products made from plants, there is often a moral behind it and a slight regret that it is just a meat substitute. Sabrina Balestra has made Planted formed a brand with products that are fun, focus on enjoyment and encourage cooking and eating. The sayings on the packaging make you smile. But the whole, serious background always resonates as well - both on the packaging and on the website there is in-depth, serious information.

Transparency is also part of the marketing strategy: the production can be visited and detailed information is provided about all ingredients. So it is no wonder that the success of Planted is now also taking place abroad, the distribution is continuously being expanded, currently Planted can also be found in France and Germany.

Sabrina Balestra is a great ambassador for Planted and therefore a worthy winner. of the first "CMO of the Year" Award in Switzerland, according to the sponsors.

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