Not my f***ing job!

What do a cucumber, an electric toothbrush and a sock have in common? A campaign by Pornhub reveals: They are fed up - and express their displeasure singing along to Bloodhound Gang.


The latest marketing campaign from Pornhub is a teaching one and is aimed at all those who embellish their intimate moments with the help of household appliances or food. These products are not intended for masturbation, but - as the name suggests - for household use or consumption.

Cucumber, toothbrush and co. are of the same opinion. In the music video for "Not my job", all kinds of objects contest their abusive role as rudimentary sex toys and express their displeasure by singing, backed by the well-known song "The Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang.

With the music spot the French agency BETC promotes the new sex toy line of the porn website. On the a landing page a competition was also initiated: Anyone who guesses one out of 250 items that are not suitable for masturbation will have the chance to win a voucher code for a suitable product.


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