Eat your veggies!

Dutch vegetable brand HAK has teamed up with DDB Unlimited to develop a plate to encourage children to eat more vegetables.


Children eat on average half the daily intake of vegetables recommended by health experts, a widespread problem at the family dinner table. Since parents' persuasion is only effective to a certain extent, other creative solutions are needed - after all, the eye also eats. But not all of them are effective by a long shot.


The vegetable brand HAK has also recognized this and therefore launched "The Helping Plate" - a plate that helps children eat more vegetables without them realizing it. The design of the plate follows scientific findings that Wageningen University has developed in this area. 


Deception in plate form

The plate does not look like a typical children's plate, which is intended. This is because children copy their parents' behaviour in many situations, and this is much easier for them if they eat from a similar "adult plate". In addition, another design trick makes children unconsciously eat more vegetables: On the one hand, the size of the plate and the indentation in a certain place are supposed to artificially reduce the portion size; on the other hand, a shade of colour is supposed to make the vegetables look more appealing.

DDB Unlimited developed the idea of the "Helping Plate" and is also responsible for the campaign. The plate is produced in the Netherlands by Royal Goedewaagen and sold through the department store de Bijenkorf. Whether the trick will work with the children remains questionable - but it's definitely worth a try.

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