Last but not least: Germany is looking for the Super Rhino

The number of creative contests is increasing. Increasing at an alarming rate, as everyone who is listed in the corresponding e-mail distribution lists knows.

The number of creative competitions is increasing. Increasing at an alarming rate. Everyone who is listed in the corresponding e-mail distribution lists knows that. But does that also mean that creativity is on the rise? Or are such contests entertainment or, in the end, just an advertising measure? Currently, for example, the second Rhino Award is running in Germany, which - if the press release is to be believed - "inspires agencies and consumers". The Rhino Award is a prize for advertising on trucks, a new type of advertising medium in which Trans-marketing specializes. According to the call for entries for the award, it is "relying on the opinion of motorists". Road users are now allowed to select their favorite subjects on the autobahns and in other road traffic throughout Germany, and vote for them online. That's great, especially for those with portable Internet in their pockets in areas with nationwide hotspots - although of course the question of traffic safety immediately arises. Or is it only allowed to vote when there's a traffic jam? As it looks, however, few are struggling with such problems, and the award is already "a complete success." Probably people remember their favorite subject and vote at home. Or there is always traffic jam. And people are extremely bored. Either way, a jury of 30 will select the winner from the three most popular subjects, who will be celebrated in Hockenheim in October with much pomp and many prizes.

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