Plannability as a decisive success factor for advertising campaigns

In the spring of 2023, Admeira conducted an anonymous online survey to find out how important planning is for campaign planning in the advertising market. The experts surveyed talked about which planning aspects are important to them and which media are suitable for each.

In the market survey, the experts rated 15 planning aspects according to importance. In particular, those related to reliability and security received the highest ranking. (Graphic: Admeira)

The topic of planning is of paramount importance, as new forms of advertising and distribution platforms bring with them new demands on planning and evaluation systems. In an anonymous online survey, Admeira asked almost 100 industry experts from Switzerland which aspects of planning are of particular importance to them and which media are best suited for this in each case.

The results show that planning advertising campaigns requires a high level of expertise and strategic thinking. It is therefore important for agencies and advertisers to be able to rely on the plannability of media as an advertising platform. Respondents aim for the best possible planning before launching a campaign in order to maximize the chances of success. A full 85 percent of advertising and media experts consider plannability to be a decisive factor in the success of an advertising campaign, as it saves time and resources and increases efficiency. Particularly in difficult economic times, plannability is seen as an important tool for achieving the goals of advertising campaigns.

Plannability is the be-all and end-all

An advertising campaign can be particularly effective if the media performance, the predicted reach and the predefined target group can be reliably planned before the campaign is launched. In this respect, TV was rated by the professionals surveyed as the most suitable medium for the two most important planning criteria: predictable performance and reach. This is mainly due to the reliable performance guarantees that TV offers as a medium. When it comes to ensuring brand safety, TV and print perform best.

"For a strong advertising impact, the best possible planning capability for TV campaigns is fundamental," says Yvonne Rüegg, Research Specialist at Admeira. "Admeira does everything it can to optimize and facilitate the planning phase for advertisers. For years, Admeira has offered reliable planability on SRG channels."

For the Study people with proven expertise from advertising, creative or media agencies and from advertising companies as well as other representatives of the advertising industry from all over Switzerland were interviewed.

The study format "Market Echo" by Admeira reflects the knowledge and opinions of advertising and media experts. Interested parties can download the detailed study report of the second edition on the Admeira website download free of charge.

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