April commercial printing back at pre-Corona level

In April 2022, compared to the strong previous month of March, advertising pressure decreases again and the advertising market closes at 520.8 million gross Swiss francs, says the latest study by Mediafocus.

MediafocusIn April 2020, the most massive slump of the year was observed due to the Corona crisis. A small recovery in the advertising market was already observed in April 2021. This recovery is also evident in 2022, with the advertising month of April recording an increase of 34.0 percent.

Cumulative advertising print for the first four months of the year is 2160.8 million gross francs, 57.0 percent above the 2021 annual advertising print.

Tobacco products significantly stronger in terms of advertising

As in previous months, the events (+176.3 percent) and leisure, catering, tourism (+117.3 percent) sectors were able to recover after low advertising due to Corona and significantly increase advertising pressure again in April. Since the beginning of the year, the events sector has shown a striking increase of 193.5 percent. Leisure, catering and tourism has also performed significantly better since the beginning of the year (+167.2 percent). However, it falls just short of the podium, which is occupied by the retail trade, construction, industry, furnishings and services sectors.

However, the absolute leader in terms of percentage increase compared to the same month last year is the tobacco industry, which increased its advertising print by 448.7 percent and thus also gained significantly YTD (+65.5 percent).

Vehicles reduce further

As in March, the Cleaning (-49.3 percent) and Vehicles (-27.3 percent) sectors also reduced their advertising in April. They are thus the only sectors to have reduced their advertising print since the beginning of the year. While vehicles are down 5.0 percent, only slightly behind the previous year's figure, the cleaning sector is cutting back significantly (-42.1 percent).

Despite the federal referendums in May, the Initiatives & Campaigns sector reduced its advertising pressure slightly in April (-4.2 percent) and the Energy sector also fell short of the 2021 figure (-8.2 percent).

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