Swiss advertising market records slight increase in August

The advertising month of August closed with a gross advertising volume of CHF 392.7 million, exceeding the previous month of July by 6.3 percent. It is also up 9.3 percent on the same month of the previous year, as Media Focus' Advertising Market Trend shows.

The reason for this increase is twelve industries that were able to increase their advertising pressure in the double-digit range. The top 5 advertisers alone are responsible for around half of the previous year's increase.

Advertising pressure in the overall market

The development of advertising print as of August 2021 in millions of gross Swiss francs

Sector order unchanged from previous month

12 of the 21 sectors are able to increase their advertising print in the double-digit range year-on-year. The clear winner in August is "Events" (+81.2%). After Switzerland had to do without events for a long time, the anticipation is all the greater and advertising pressure increases significantly. Concert events, open airs and the "Alliance Cinema Day" are primarily responsible for the increase.

Leisure, hospitality and tourism", which had suffered heavily from the Corona restrictions, can also report significantly higher advertising pressure in August (+30.1%). Trivago, Tui and are acting much stronger in terms of advertising. The Swiss find advertising for their next holiday destinations mainly in online advertising. Other industry winners are media (+52.3%) and tobacco products (+34.3%).

Telecommunications and Initiatives & Campaigns are scaling back

While six sectors had reduced their advertising pressure in July, only two did so in August. "Initiatives & Campaigns" (-21.5%) cut back significantly, as it did in the previous month. The sector saw a significant increase (+32.7%) in August 2020, due to political campaigns and the 27 September referendum. It remains to be seen if this voting peak for the 26 September 2021 referendum will be felt in September. It is possible that the advertising pressure for "marriage for all" and "easing the burden on wages" will not increase until a month later.

"Telecommunications" was also still among the winners in August 2020 and is losing advertising pressure significantly one year later (-25.2%).

Top of the month

The top advertisers and most advertised products and services (excluding assortment, image advertising and collective categories) in August

Media Mix for the month of August

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