E-commerce advertising print with a strong end to the year

In December, e-commerce advertising increased by more than 35 percent year on year. Clothes and travel, with the two main drivers Zalando and Trivago, were advertised most frequently.


The 2016 advertising year draws to a close with e-commerce advertising print totaling 78.9 million gross Swiss francs. Compared with the previous month, e-commerce increased by 2 million. Compared with the previous year's figure, the current e-commerce advertising print represents a remarkable increase of 35.6 percent. The share of the total advertising market increases slightly and stands at 15.1 percent in December 2016.

Total market

Development of e-commerce advertising print as of December 2016


Clothing & Accessories in top position

The ranking of the top market categories is headed by Clothing & Accessories in the last advertising month of the year. It generated e-commerce advertising print of 11.6 million gross Swiss francs in December. Top Brand is Zalando. The Travel market category improves from 4th place in November to 2nd place in December. Top Brand in this category is Trivago. The General Merchandise market category with its top brand Galaxus follows in 3rd place.

Market categories

Monthly e-commerce advertising print and top brand


Media Group Search with a big plus

In the last media mix of the advertising year, print, TV, out-of-home and online (display) lost percentage points. Print is down 5 percent, TV is down 4 percent, online (display) is down 2 percent, and out-of-home is down 1 percent. The big winner was the Online (Search) media group, which gained a total of 12 percentage points. The Search & Find market category significantly increased its share of search advertising in December. General & Merchandise significantly increased its share of out-of-home at the expense of TV advertising.

Media Mix

Advertising print distribution of all e-commerce brands in December 2016


Travel also doing well in December

The number of brands in the Travel market category increased by 47. In total, the market category counts 584 brands in December. The market category Hobby & Leisure shows 8 more brands, Clothing & Accessories presents an increase of 7 brands. Travel, Furniture & Furnishing, Finance and Search & Find show the greatest diversification. In these market categories, the brands that do not belong to the top 5 also have a relatively large share of the total e-commerce advertising pressure.

Top 10 categories

Advertising shares of e-commerce brands in December 2016


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