Mercedes-Benz launches campaign without car

For once, the current Mercedes-Benz campaign does not focus on a new vehicle. With various advertising formats and in-depth content, the automaker is demonstrating its ambitions and successes in the field of sustainability - on land, at sea and in the air.

Since 1909, the three-pointed star has stood for the inventor of the automobile. When it was introduced, it symbolized the elements of land, water and air. Today, these three elements are still of central importance to Mercedes-Benz, albeit in a different context. "What began with the vision of being a pioneer of mobility has today transformed into a new understanding of mobility," explains Patrick Bossart, Head Marketing and Corporate Communications at Mercedes-Benz Switzerland. "Caring for our earth and protecting its resources is an essential pillar of our strategy." These ambitions of the carmaker in the field of sustainability are the subject of the current campaign "Land, Sea, Air".

Product is not the focus

In various advertising formats and with in-depth content, Mercedes-Benz highlights its holistic approach to sustainability - from research and development to the procurement of raw materials, production (which is CO2 neutral worldwide), the use of its products, the recycling of components and the recycling of entire vehicles.

The content and subjects are always related to one of the three elements: land, water or air. Among other things, they address the use of sustainable materials, the use of renewable energies, the procurement of battery raw materials, and the ambitions for decarbonization. In three phases, the high-reach campaign is designed first to arouse curiosity, then to provide concrete facts about Mercedes-Benz's commitment to sustainability, and finally to illuminate the background to these facts in storytelling formats.

From Monday, the advertising assets can be seen throughout Switzerland on TV and in cinemas, on digital channels and social media. In addition, successes achieved will also be highlighted with in-depth sponsored content.

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