Jung von Matt Limmat and Zweifel: Gen Z launches three new flavors

Snacks for and by Gen Z. Zweifel's limited editions were developed and realized from A to Z together with the community. "Yourz" is a sequel to Sixth Sense and comes from Jung von Matt Limmat.

To excite Gen Z, conventional campaigns are not enough. As a continuation of the Sixth Sense campaign, which began with a Grand Effie was awardedZweifel and Jung von Matt Limmat have launched "Yourz. With Yourz, Gen Z is supposed to decide for themselves what goes into and onto the snack pack. In 2022, countless flavor ideas and packaging designs were developed, resulting in three limited editions.

Six creators and their respective communities set out to find new flavors. Hundreds of suggestions were submitted, from which three favorites per creator were sent on to the next round. In the "Behind the Flavor" social challenge, the creators produced the flavors themselves on a trial basis at the Zweifel factory in Spreitenbach.

By means of online voting and tastings, it was once again up to the community to select the final flavors for the limited editions. For example, the chips could be tasted at the Swiss festivals during a special "Tasting with Benefits," and there were also samplings at train stations and tasting box raffles.

1 Tape, 1200 designs

The design of the packaging was also placed in the hands of Gen Z. To get as many unusual suggestions as possible, Studio Thom Pfister developed a design system based on tape art. The online tool, developed by Cobolt Netservices, allowed the community to create the most surprising works of art using tapes in different colors and lengths.

Despite the large amount of time required to participate in the design challenge, over 1200 packaging designs were created. A jury of experts and members of the community was finally faced with the task of selecting the three winning designs.

High brand awareness achieved

In December 2022, the three limited editions were ready for sale. In addition to the development of the new snacks, Zweifel and Jung von Matt Limmat achieved another goal with the campaign: According to information, after Sixth Sense, the Zweifel brand once again succeeded in meeting the high standards and creativity of Gen Z and winning them over.

After ten months, Yourz achieved an awareness level of 47 percent among the young target group. According to Jung von Matt Limmat, the comparative values of conventional campaigns were thus exceeded many times over. In addition, the brand relevance of Zweifel among Gen Z is said to have increased by 13 percent after Yourz.

Responsible in case of doubt: Gina Chiellino (Campaign Manager), Marina Domazet (Digital Marketing & Communication Manager), Pia Gaube (Media & Project Manager), Marc Brändli (Group Manager Brand Communication), Philip Honegger (Head of Marketing & Communication). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Anouk Karrer (Text), Luca Schneider, Nicole Vizcardo, Jan Theus, Mutasin Grabenhorst (Art Direction), Lara Zehnder, Lars Näpflin, Cédric Knapp (Social Creation), Florence Scherer (Strategy), Marcel Walzl, Melissa Diday, Joëlle Mayenzet (Consulting), Dennis Hofmann (Managing Strategy Director), Annette Häcki (Managing Creative Director), Cyrill Hauser (Managing Partner), Luitgard Hagl (Managing Creative Director, Agency Lead). Responsible at Jung von Matt Impact: Gabriela Oetliker (Online Marketing Manager), Dominik Habermacher (Managing Director). External partners:inside: Studio Thom Pfister (tape design system), Cobolt Netservices (design tool and web implementation).

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