Farner relies on AI for Al Mulinetto

Farner has evolved Al Mulinetto winery's long-standing campaign slogan "The fine Art of Drinking" into "The contemporary Art of Drinking." Digital artist Grit Wolany is using artificial intelligence to develop the first five subjects of the new campaign.

The small winery "Al Mulinetto is located high above Lake Maggiore in the canton of Ticino and produces grappa, nocino, merlot and rosato.
Under the campaign slogan "The fine Art of Drinking.", Al Mulinetto has for many years commissioned selected creatives from around the world to design artistic posters (Werbewoche.ch reported).

In 2022, the winery evolved the campaign slogan into "The contemporary Art of Drinking" and commissioned digital artist Grit Wolany to develop a new poster series in collaboration with artificial intelligence.

To do this, the artificial intelligence was fed Al-Mulinetto product descriptions such as "dry, full-bodied aroma," "the Merlot characteristic spicy tone," "direct, finely fruity," "of great structure and elegance," and "slightly noticeable tannins." Hundreds of visuals were generated from these descriptions, which were further refined and condensed in an exchange between man and machine. The result is a poster series with one subject per product and one general poster.

Customer: Cantina Al Mulinetto. Responsible at Farner Branding: Grit Wolany (design/concept); Fabian Bertschinger (creative direction); Markus Gut (overall responsibility).

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