Zattoo launches Christmas and World Cup campaign with puppets

In the run-up to Christmas and the World Cup, TV streaming provider Zattoo is launching the #TelevisionAsYou campaign. The focus is on a family of dolls and their struggle with the TV signal. The spot is intended to convince households with satellite TV in particular to use TV streaming.

(Image: Zattoo)

Especially during live events on TV, such as the upcoming soccer World Cup, the annoyance is great when TV reception is disrupted due to the weather. According to a recent Kantar survey commissioned by Zattoo weather is the cause of interference in two-thirds of households with satellite TV.

So the puppets in the current Zattoo TV commercial also react accordingly in frustration: It's storming and snowing, and just before the final game, satellite reception fails. So what can you do when TV reception is disrupted during the biggest sporting event of the year? The solution: watch TV via the Internet. And if the power goes out, you can continue watching the World Cup game on your cell phone. Like the doll family, around half of all households with satellite TV do the same when they have reception problems - they switch to TV via the Internet.

The current campaign has been running since the beginning of November in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a TV and online video spot as well as on social media, in display and print ads. The spot combines the storytelling of traditional Christmas advertising with the unusual theme of football for this time of year.

For the design and implementation, Zattoo once again worked with the Buenos Aires-based agency Bestia, which was already responsible for the implementation of the #TelevisionYou campaign for the 2021/22 TV season as well as for the 2020 European Football Championship.

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