Swisscom and Serviceplan give IT more love

To promote Swisscom as an IT partner for SMEs, Serviceplan Suisse turns technical devices into characters. But IT life is not easy: the devices are unhappy. Time to give them more love.

The fact that the telecommunications company Swisscom is also an IT partner for SMEs is still little known in Switzerland. Serviceplan Suisse wants to change that with a campaign in which technical devices are brought to life as characters.

In short films, a server, a PC, a router and a monitor talk about difficulties in their love lives - brought about by the neglect of IT in SMEs. The solution: give IT more love with Swisscom, for example through comprehensive support and holistic IT security solutions. Roger Keller, Head of SME at Swisscom, thinks this is a fresh approach: "What's particularly exciting is the change in perspective, which for once shows the IT infrastructure's point of view."

At the heart of the campaign are the two films directed by Flurin and Silvan Giger and produced by Stories. The animated 3D models of the devices were created by Postoffice in Amsterdam. The concept is additionally played on digital ads, social media as well as DOOH and posters.

Customer: Swisscom. Responsible agency: Serviceplan Suisse. Film production: Stories. Director/Photographer: Giger Brothers. CGI: Postoffice.

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