Women Empowerment: Thjnk Zurich and Credit Suisse Change the Game

Credit Suisse launches a women's empowerment campaign around UEFA Women's EURO 2022 and launches a multi-year initiative: #ChangeTheGame.

Credit Suisse has been the main partner of the Swiss Football Association (SFV) since 1993 and has now also been the main partner of the Swiss women's national soccer teams for 14 years. In this role, it has been committed to equal opportunities - and as an employer for much longer. Socially, however, the goal has still not been fully achieved.

Now Credit Suisse wants to go one step further and is launching its new #ChangeTheGame initiative. The initiative will give global efforts around equal opportunities a platform to bring about concrete change. True to the motto: Equal opportunities for all. Everywhere.

Players receive the same bonuses

So there is also a change in Credit Suisse's sponsorship commitments: From now on, the same premiums will be paid to the women's and men's national teams. This is a long overdue and well-deserved change. Credit Suisse is also expanding its support for club soccer and, in addition to the men's Super League, is now also sponsoring the women's league and cup in Switzerland.

Credit Suisse's internal measures as an employer are also part of the initiative. For example, the "Real Returns" program has been in place since 2014 to help professionals who have taken a longer (baby) break to continue their careers in attractive positions. In addition, Credit Suisse was recognized for its fair wages by the Social Partnership Office for Equal Pay in the Banking Industry.

#ChangeTheGame is set to really take off with UEFA Women's EURO 2022 starting July 6, 2022. The focus of the women's empowerment campaign is the film "Walk On". For the film, probably the best-known football anthem of all, "You never walk alone" by Gerry & The Pacemakers, was reinterpreted.

Credit Suisse's message is: "Keep at it, keep fighting - in other words: Walk on and change the game." A number of players from the national team are playing prominent roles, namely Lia Wälti, Eseosa Aigbogun, Ramona Bachmann, Luana Bühler, Ana Maria Crnogorčević, Sandy Maendly, Coumba Sow, Meriame Terchoun, Gaëlle Thalmann, and Riola Xhemaili.

The campaign starts at the end of June shortly before the UEFA Women's EURO 2022 and accompanies it. In addition to a TV flight, digital channels are being used in particular. It is no coincidence that the "#" was used as a symbol of dialog. Thus, the campaign is to be carried by Influencer:innen in the social media and amplified accordingly. In addition, the campaign will also be experienced in DOOH.

Responsible at Credit Suisse: Roman Reichelt (Chief Marketing Officer); Dang Nguyen (Global Head Strategy, Branding & Advertising); Sandra Caviezel (Global Head Sponsorships & Partnerships); Thierry Pool (Global Head Digital & Data); Stephanie Trachsel (Global Head Brand Management, Strategy & Insights); David Schätti (Head Marketing Initiatives & Advertising CH); Sabrina Mock-Marty (Head Marketing Initiatives & Advertising Digital Banking); Marisa Piffari, Isabelle Reiser (Marketing Initiatives & Advertising Digital Banking); Björn Fröhle (Head of Football Sponsorship); Michael Rütti, Patricia Ottenburg, Vanessa Marra (Football Sponsorship); Mia Marti (Marketing Strategy); Anette Hiscott (Head of Digital Campaigns); Simon Bietenhader, Linda Mullan (Digital Campaigns); Valon Saiti (Head of Social Media Content Planning); Reimund Immoos (Head Global Media & Cross Channel); Tanja Klotz, (Media & Cross Channel). Responsible at Thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy, Pablo Schencke (GF Creation), Lukas Amgwerd, Tobias Roeben (Text), Lukas Frischknecht, Lukas Wietlisbach (Art Direction), Josephine Jeanguenin, Marco Martoglio, Leorah Uhricek (Graphic Design), Gordon Nemitz (GF Strategy), Fabienne Peyer (Strategy), Andrea Bison (GF Consulting), Angela Cristofari, Marie Vuilleumier, Linda Zaugg (Consulting), Axel Doepner, Julia Koop (Producing). External partners: Animals (director), Hillton (production), Jingle Jungle (sound studio), Per Kasch (photographer), POP Postproduction GmbH (post-production image), Supreme Music GmbH (music production).

More about the initiative on credit-suisse.com/change

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