Farner is looking for Rhinfluencer:innen for the St.Gallen Rhine Valley

With a social media campaign, Farner St.Gallen and Seed are looking for talented people to capture moments for the St.Galler Rheintal association and share them with the world.

Influencers are the stars of the moment - but does the content they convey always correspond to reality? No, thinks the association St.Galler Rheintal - and is therefore looking for Rhinfluencer:innen by means of a recruiting campaign. In other words, people who will spend three days next fall reporting independently, impartially and authentically on their experiences in the valley.

Real life

In order to reflect life in the Rhine Valley as truthfully as possible, the protagonists are housed with host families. In addition to room and board, they receive 500 Swiss francs free of charge as pocket money. Participation is possible alone or as a team of two. Interested parties can contact Rheintal.com/magic with a short, creative motivational video. A jury led by comedian Nico Arn will select the three winners in July.

Great cinema for the Rhine Valley

Nessie, a kidnapped cow and a curious T-Rex. In close cooperation with Seed, Farner St.Gallen produced three humorous commercials for the promotion. They feature influencers who don't seem to be very good at what they do and aren't ready for the magical moments that can happen in the Rhine Valley from time to time.

The campaign launched on social media on Wednesday and will be further amplified via Watson starting Monday.

Responsible at Verein St.Galler Rheintal: Sabina Saggioro (Marketing Management), Corinna Rohner (Marketing). Responsible at Farner St.Gallen/Rod: Jan Walser (Creation), Livia Hochstrasser, Romaine Brunner, Petra Moser (Project Management & Consulting), Alina Leiendecker (Performance Marketing). Responsible at Seed Audio-Visual Communication: Johannes Bachmann (director & screenplay), Rafael Kistler (camera), Bastian Hertel (production manager), Felix Courvoisier (producer). VFX/3DThe old camp: Robin Disch, Lukas Bieri, Ennio Ruschetti.

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