Ogilvy and VegiBoss reinterpret meat substitute

Ogilvy created a new brand identity for the launch of VegiBoss. At the center is the re-positioning of meat substitutes.

VegiBossIn order to stand out in the now dense market of meat substitutes and alternatives, Ogilvy worked closely with the young food startup VegiBoss to develop a new CI/CD, a strategic positioning with claim, a website with online store, and an initial small campaign.

The main message: Meatless products should no longer be perceived as substitutes or alternatives for meat, but as originals in their own right. The corresponding claim: The bitzli other original. To kick things off, BossDöner and BossHack are available to order and pick up, and BossGyros is on the menu at "Oh My Greek!

Responsible at VegiBoss: Chiara Semadeni, Betül Özün (Founders & Co-CEOs). Responsible at Ogilvy: Aileen Frans, Morena Frehner (project management), Matthias Müller, Evelyn Weissheim (strategy), Jehmsei Keo (concept, text), Gabriel Schuster (concept, art direction), Simon Häusler (UX design), Jonathan Schipper, Martin Keller, Bruce Roberts (overall responsibility). External partners: Diego Menzi (photography & moving image), Heygianluca (programming).

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