The House launches the second image campaign for WWZ

The Zurich agency has implemented the second image campaign for WWZ. In various subjects, the campaign picks up on the extent to which WWZ's various products are used by the population.

Image-KampagneThe launch of the new branding in 2020 marked the start of the first Image campaign for WWZ, in which the target groups were able to get to know WWZ's broad range of services and products in a very personal way. With storytelling in pure typo subjects.

The new image campaign will now use words and images to tell how the products and services are used once they have reached the region's customers. The communicative guiding idea of partnership, a broad product range and regional roots is thus to become even more emotional.

Customers are addressed according to target group segments and via the product categories electricity, e-mobility, heat, digital TV, mobile and high-speed Internet - over 40 localities and customer names are part of the headlines. This is intended to emphasize customer proximity, as well as the aspect that WWZ is firmly anchored in the region. All the posters were placed geographically accordingly.

The House is responsible for creation and media. The campaign started in mid-October with display and social ads, measures on public transport as well as print ads and OHH.

Responsible at WWZ:  Andreas Fürling (Head of Marketing & Product Management), Flavia Marty (Marketing Coordinator), Julia Thalmann (Head of Digital & Performance Marketing). Responsible Agency & Media: The House. Litho and image processing: Detail.

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