Agentur am Flughafen: End-of-year campaign for SOS Children's Villages

In its current end-of-year campaign, SOS Children's Villages addresses the potential of neglected children. Together with Agentur am Flughafen, Agence Trio and Marketing Monkeys, the foundation has realized a cross-media campaign that relies on crowdfunding.

Agentur am FlughafenParents have wishful thinking about what their children should become one day. A respected doctor, a successful lawyer, a famous astronaut or quite simply and much more importantly: "whatever the child wants, the main thing is happiness". Millions of neglected children worldwide do not have this choice. Nevertheless, there is undreamed-of potential in them that wants to be released. SOS Children's Villages Switzerland fights this neglect and wants to give children the opportunity to dream big and make it happen.

The key visuals of the current campaign feature motifs from Nepal, Ethiopia, Niger and Nicaragua - four of SOS Children's Villages Switzerland's five focus countries. "Too many children in the world are neglected. In the wake of the Corona pandemic, the problem has come to a head worldwide. With real life stories, we show how our donors can help concretely through crowdfunding. With this novelty, it is also possible for private donors to use their donation specifically for larger projects and programs," says Silvia Beyeler, Head of Marketing SOS Children's Villages Switzerland.

The cause of neglect is often the poverty of parents. In order for children to realize their dreams for the future, they need financial help. Donations make school visits and targeted support possible. "With this campaign, we are making it tangible that there are ways out of poverty and that donors have it in their hands to give children a chance," is how Dominique Rutishauser from Agentur am Flughafen describes the campaign's approach.

The campaign is played out cross-medially in the company's own media - SOS Zoom, newsletter, social media, website and mailings - as well as via paid media such as advertisements in print and digital media, public reports and YouTube ads. A landing page was also created for the campaign, where donations can be made using the crowdfunding approach. "With the approach that individual donors can directly co-finance larger plans and projects, we want to involve them more. They can choose from various projects that prevent or combat neglect," explains Thomas Roth of Marketing Monkeys, who is responsible for the overall project management as well as the digital campaign.

With this campaign, SOS Children's Villages also wants to reach out to donors in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. "The mailings, advertisements and public reports were not only translated into French, but adapted to the needs and motifs of the French-speaking Swiss. In this way, we are making SOS Children's Villages better known in this region as well," explains Maxime Chabloz of Agence Trio.

Responsible at SOS Children's Villages Switzerland: Silvia Beyeler (Head of Marketing and Communications), David Becker (Content, Website). Responsible at agency at the airport: Dominique Rutishauser (Creative Direction), Miriam Egli (Account Director). Responsible at Agence Trio: Maxime Chabloz (Account Manager). Responsible at Marketing Monkeys: Thomas Roth (overall concept, digital), Alain Habegger (software development crowdfunding platform).

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