Xeit makes TikTok star "Thispronto" a cenovisser

The currently most successful Swiss TikToker "Thispronto" is doing business with Cenovis. The Zurich agency Xeit was able to win the TikToker for a collaboration and brings the brand not only on bread, but also on TikTok.

Since April 2021, the spice paste is live with a TikTok channel and thus officially arrived in Gen-Z marketing. This is to explicitly inspire teenagers and young adults for Cenovis and thus win new customers of this target group. This was implemented by Xeit, which has accompanied Cenovis as lead agency since 2019.

Fun, entertainment and inspiration

Until a few years ago, Cenovis drew attention exclusively with poster advertising. Online marketing has only been an issue since Xeit took the lead. The newly established TikTok website is intended to offer fun and entertainment and is also to be understood as an inspiration platform for young hobby cooks and food lovers.

The product "Cenovis" is to be presented in an entertaining way. Short recipe videos, funny challenges and recommendations from Swiss creators can be found, which encourage users to integrate the spice paste as a key ingredient in the kitchen or in a different way in their lives. According to Xeit, the content is catching on: In the first five months, it has already generated over 1.6 million views and 200,000 likes.

Around the launch campaign, the influencer "Thispronto" also produces a Cenovis video. The 21-year-old managed to become the most successful Swiss TikTok creator with his cooking videos. His specialty: He uses a functioning tablet as a base when preparing his dishes. The video achieved 1.5 million organic, not paid, views within the first four days.

A mysterious mission

Xeit accompanies the launch activities with the placement of TikTok ads, in which Creators also make their appearance. The creators receive a mysterious invitation to a joint call. The order is still unknown. Part two of the action is located on the Cenovis Channel and solves the reason for the mysterious meeting.

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