Firn Studio and Yes! Marketing are looking for the national animal for Alpahirt

Disguised as the "Verein Nationaltier Schweiz" (Swiss National Animal Association), Firn Studio and Yes! Marketing had the Swiss population vote for the new national animal - and then confidently presented the winning animal as Salsiz in new packaging, which was realized as part of the rebranding for the dried meat producer Alpahirt.

Firn Studio sharpened the wordmark and revamped Alpahirt's entire design and website. To present the rebranding, they initiated an unusual campaign: Disguised as the "Verein Nationaltier Schweiz" (VNTS), they launched an election of the Swiss national animal.

The idea for the campaign came from the Chur-based agency Yes! Creative Digital Marketing, which is also responsible for implementing the campaign. The VNTS entered the advertising stage for the first time on May 6, 2021. With a cross-media campaign, the association presented the four animals available for selection - bear, ibex, cow and lion - to the electorate. Large posters and posts on social media called on the Swiss population to cast their vote for the national animal. The search for the national animal lasted ten days, with over 15,000 people taking part in the vote. In the end, as the initiators had hoped, the cow won with over 52 percent.

Since the VNTS represents the values that the customer Alpahirt already lives by, the association, which was initially only intended as a campaign gimmick, was also founded in reality - with Claudio Zuccolini from Graubünden as president. Zuccolini addressed the users on Facebook and Instagram by means of video messages, who not only voted, but also engaged in lively discussions and in some cases expressed critical views on the subject of animal husbandry and meat consumption - this is what Yes! Marketing and Firn Studio had hoped for from the campaign.

On May 17, 2021, VNTS President Zuccolini presented the winning animal at a press conference. After a ten-day search, the new national animal was found: the beef salsiz, of course in the new packaging.

Responsible at Alpahirt: Adrian Hirt (Founder & Managing Director), Claudia Herkert (Brand Management & Branding Consultant), Sven Hanselmann (Social Media Manager). Responsible at Firn Studio: Dave J. Murdoch (Creative Director, Conceptual Designer), Ramona Casanova (Art Director). Responsible at YES! Creative Digital MarketingRichi Brändli (Project Management, Concept), Lara Hanselmann (Multi Media Productions Trainee), Mena Dressler (Copywriter).

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